Bear Lithia Springs Baptist Church is one of a number of churches that support the Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministry in its mission of sending sound Gospel literature around the world.

We have established a dedicated team of Volunteers who meet twice monthly to assemble, staple, cut, package and ship Beacon of Truth produced Gospel literature throughout the world. To date, we have assembled Tracts for use in countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, Mexico and central America.  So far our effort has been limited to the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans. As an example, in the year 2014, we delivered some 150,000 copies of the Book of Romans to Mexico and Central America. Our goal is soon to be able to assemble entire Bibles.

As a partner with Beacon of Truth in the "Tract Ministry", our 
mission statement is the same as the Beacon of Truth Mission
Statement that can be found at:

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